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Special Offer 

*Reiki  €35 (Usually €50) Special Offer

* Hypnotherapy €50 (Usually €80) Special Offer

I've just introduced Paypal Payment Options to make it easier, you can now pay in advance for a session if you prefer. If it is at a special offer price you can book a session immediately or at a later date that suits you best. 

Or if you can't afford it right now, you can now pay in installments of €5 or €10, and when you've paid in full you can then avail of the special offer whenever suits you best.

This is also a great opportunity 
to buy a gift certificate at a reduced rate, once purchased, certificates can be used at a time and date that suits you best. Free p&p for Gift Certificates. 
Contact me for other payment options if required.

* Gift Certificates  * Workshops 

* Photography / Artwork  Prints

*Handmade Jewellery


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'lf you always ways do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always got' 
- Henry Ford